What Sustainable Practices Have You Implemented?

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    What Sustainable Practices Have You Implemented?

    Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a business imperative that resonates with consumers. We gathered insights from 32 founders, CEOs, and other business leaders who shared one sustainable practice they've implemented. From launching a clothing recycling program to using re-sterilizable surgical instruments, discover how these initiatives have been embraced by their customers.

    • Launched Clothing Recycling Program
    • Introduced Biodegradable Seaweed Packaging
    • Direct Sourcing From Global Artisans
    • Zero-Waste Packaging Initiative
    • Switched to Biodegradable Floral Foam
    • Transitioned to Solar Power
    • Eco-Friendly Sticker Materials
    • Inclusive Capitalism and B Corp Certification
    • Refurbished B-Grade Shoes
    • Biodiesel Blends Reduce Carbon Emissions
    • Shifted to Eco-Friendly Packaging
    • Eco-Packaging Boosts Consumer Satisfaction
    • Adopted Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
    • Integrated Greywater Systems
    • Used Energy-Efficient Laser Machines
    • Implemented Fleet-Tracking Tools
    • Adopted Energy-Efficient Construction Techniques
    • Switched to Paperless Operations
    • Implemented Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials
    • Glow Stones Harness Solar Energy
    • Green Web Hosting
    • Transitioned to Digital-First Operations
    • Solar-Powered Sustainable Garage Doors
    • Reimagined Eco-Friendly Product Packaging
    • Introduced Non-GMO Hemp Oil
    • Charity Donation With Every Order
    • Green Hosting for Web Platform
    • Comprehensive Waste-Reduction Program
    • Power Over Ethernet Technology
    • Organic and Locally-Sourced Fertilizer
    • Teletherapy Reduces Carbon Footprint
    • Re-Sterilizable Surgical Instruments

    Launched Clothing Recycling Program

    Our brand embarked on a journey towards sustainability. We introduced a recycling program where customers could return their gently-used items in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. This initiative not only reduced waste but also fostered a sense of community and environmental responsibility among our little fashionistas and their families.

    The response from our customers was overwhelmingly positive! In just six months, we collected and recycled over 675 pieces of clothing, saving countless resources and reducing our carbon footprint significantly. Our customers were thrilled to be a part of this eco-friendly movement, with many expressing their appreciation for our commitment to sustainability.

    As we continue on this sustainable path, we are inspired by the positive impact we are making on the planet and the smiles we bring to our customers' faces.

    Nikhil Soni
    Nikhil SoniFounder, The Tribe Kids

    Introduced Biodegradable Seaweed Packaging

    One sustainable practice we've integrated into our business is the use of biodegradable packaging derived from seaweed. This solution is perfectly aligned with our mission and takes advantage of renewable, fast-growing resources. Our seaweed-based packaging decomposes naturally within four to six weeks, greatly reducing waste and environmental impact.

    Our customers have responded very positively to this innovation. According to a recent survey, 87% of our customers appreciate the eco-friendly packaging, and many cite it as a major reason for choosing our products over others. Moreover, we've experienced a 27% increase in repeat purchases, reflecting how well our sustainability efforts resonate with our environmentally conscious clientele.

    This initiative boosts our brand's reputation and solidifies our leadership in sustainable business practices. By consistently adopting and implementing such unique solutions, we remain committed to leading the way in the plastic-free industry.

    Chaitsi Ahuja
    Chaitsi AhujaFounder & CEO, Brown Living

    Direct Sourcing From Global Artisans

    In our business at Or & Zon, one of the notable sustainable practices we have implemented is direct sourcing from global artisans. This has not only fostered fair trade and ethical business practices but also significantly reduced the environmental impact of overly complex supply chains. We've found that by sharing the stories behind the products, customers feel a deeper connection to their purchases.

    To our delight, the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the transparency and the authenticity of the handcrafted items, and often express satisfaction knowing they're contributing to a greater cause—sustaining traditional crafts while respecting the environment. It's an excellent example of how businesses can embed sustainability into their model and offer value while being environmentally responsible.

    Guillaume Drew
    Guillaume DrewFounder & CEO, Or & Zon

    Zero-Waste Packaging Initiative

    One sustainable practice we've implemented is our "Zero-Waste Packaging" initiative. By using biodegradable materials and reusable containers for all our products, we've completely eliminated single-use plastics. This initiative is a key part of our mission to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

    The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have expressed their support and appreciation for our commitment to sustainability through feedback and social media engagement. Following the launch of our zero-waste packaging, we saw an increase in customer satisfaction scores. Our social media engagement also grew, with numerous customers sharing photos and stories of their unboxing experiences using our eco-friendly packaging.

    This initiative has also brought significant business benefits. Within six months of implementing zero-waste packaging, we experienced an increase in sales. This growth was driven by both new customers attracted by our sustainable practices and repeat customers who value our environmental commitment. This practice reinforces our brand values and demonstrates that sustainability can effectively drive customer loyalty and business growth.

    Swayam Doshi
    Swayam DoshiFounder, Suspire

    Switched to Biodegradable Floral Foam

    One sustainable practice I've implemented in my business is the use of biodegradable floral foam in our arrangements. Traditional floral foam is harmful to the environment as it is non-biodegradable and contributes to landfill waste. By switching to an eco-friendly alternative, we reduce our environmental impact while educating our customers about sustainability in floral design.

    The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate our commitment to preserving the environment while still providing beautiful, high-quality floral arrangements. This practice has strengthened our reputation as a conscientious and responsible business in the floral industry.

    Ketie Zhang
    Ketie ZhangFounder, Ketie Story

    Transitioned to Solar Power

    We're super excited about our switch to solar. Electricity is a big part of roasting, packaging, and everything in between. Partnering with a local company, Blue Sky Solar out of Dubuque, we installed a giant solar array on our roof. Here's the coolest part: it generates more than enough power for us—like, 110% of what we need! So not only are we reducing our environmental impact, we're actually producing extra clean energy.

    We know our customers care about sustainability—they love our high-quality, ethically sourced beans. Going solar perfectly aligns with our values of continuous improvement and environmental responsibility. We have even updated our packaging with a “powered by solar” icon to showcase our clean energy commitment. It's a small touch, but it shows we take sustainability seriously, from bean to cup.

    Eric Gantz
    Eric GantzCo-founder, Verena Street Coffee Co.

    Eco-Friendly Sticker Materials

    One sustainable practice we've implemented in our sticker and label printing company is the introduction of eco-friendly materials. These sustainable options include recycled paper, biodegradable adhesives, and plant-based inks. This initiative was driven by our commitment to reducing environmental impact and offering our customers greener alternatives.

    The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers appreciating our efforts to provide sustainable products that maintain the same high quality they expect. Now, we are more known for this niche since, at that time, not many companies were offering eco-friendly materials for stickers and labels. This has set us apart in the market, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

    David Rubie-Todd
    David Rubie-ToddCo-Founder & Marketing Head, Sticker It

    Inclusive Capitalism and B Corp Certification

    One sustainable practice initiative that has proven really effective is our commitment to inclusive capitalism, earning us B Corp certification. At SuperBee, we ensure fair working conditions and run micro-financing projects in our community, which are key to attracting and retaining talented team members.

    We employ a dedicated team of local staff who are truly the heart and soul of the business. We focus on promoting women’s empowerment, creating jobs in rural areas, and enforcing the labor laws of Thailand, paying 20% more than the living wage suggested by the Fair Trade Association. Our team consists mostly of women from local villages, many of whom have been with us since the early days, with some advancing to management roles after leadership training.

    Our commitment to social responsibility, including denouncing plastic use and promoting inclusive workplaces, has helped us craft a brand identity that resonates both locally and globally. We've positioned ourselves as pioneers in our industry, working tirelessly to improve the lives of our employees while also championing eco-friendly practices.

    We ensure every aspect of Superbee's story is shared, enhancing our engagement and further promoting our advocacy. This has been well received by our customers, who appreciate our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.

    Antoinette Jackson
    Antoinette JacksonCreative Director & Founder, SuperBee

    Refurbished B-Grade Shoes

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at NuShoe is the refurbishment of B-grade shoes, which would otherwise end up in landfills. We handle everything from mold remediation to stitching and hardware replacement, bringing these shoes back to a sellable condition. This practice has been well-received by both our brand partners and customers.

    For instance, we've helped brands save millions of dollars while preventing countless shoes from being discarded, aligning with our mission to promote environmental responsibility. We also actively donate refurbished shoes to those in need, supporting social causes alongside environmental ones.

    A notable example is when we sourced and added Velcro straps to 20,000 sandals, making them functional again. This effort saved significant costs for the brand and provided much-needed footwear to underserved communities. Customers appreciate knowing that their utilized shoes contribute to less waste and support charitable causes.

    Moreover, our mail-order shoe repair service reinforces sustainability by prolonging the life of existing shoes. We aim to process over 1.5 million returns in 2024, many of which will be refurbished and resold, further minimizing our environmental impact.

    Customers love the idea of giving their favorite shoes a second life, making it a win for both sustainability and their wallets. This practice underscores our commitment to providing high-quality craftsmanship while promoting eco-friendly solutions.

    Eric Neuner
    Eric NeunerOwner, NuShoe Inc

    Biodiesel Blends Reduce Carbon Emissions

    At Fuel Logic, we've introduced using biodiesel blends to lessen our ecological footprint. Biodiesel, a sustainable energy source derived from natural substances such as soybean or recycled cooking oil, has markedly diminished our carbon emissions. By incorporating B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel) into our fuel products, we've reduced greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20% compared to standard diesel.

    This eco-friendly approach has been positively received by our clients, especially those who are deeply dedicated to environmental causes. For instance, a major transportation firm we cater to mentioned that employing our biofuel mixtures enabled them to achieve their green goals earlier than planned, lowering the total emissions from their vehicles. This input underscores the real advantages our clients gain by opting for more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives.

    Over the last year, our biofuel sales have risen by 25%, showing a rising popularity among consumers for eco-friendly options. Moreover, our dedication to being green has enhanced our brand image, drawing in new customers who value being environmentally conscious.

    Eliot Vancil
    Eliot VancilCEO, Fuel Logic

    Shifted to Eco-Friendly Packaging

    One sustainable practice we implemented in our business was the shift to eco-friendly packaging. Recognizing the environmental impact of traditional packaging materials, we decided to transition to biodegradable and recyclable packaging solutions. This initiative aligned with our corporate social responsibility goals and responded to the growing demand for sustainable practices among consumers.

    We researched and sourced packaging materials made from recycled paper, biodegradable plastics, and compostable materials. This included everything from product boxes to shipping containers, and even the adhesive tapes we used. We established partnerships with suppliers who shared our commitment to sustainability. These suppliers provided us with high-quality, eco-friendly packaging options that met our needs without compromising on durability or aesthetics.

    Since the implementation, we've received numerous positive comments from customers appreciating our efforts to reduce environmental impact. Many have expressed that our commitment to sustainability influenced their decision to continue shopping with us. Our eco-friendly packaging has strengthened our brand identity and loyalty among environmentally conscious consumers.

    Customers feel good about supporting a business that prioritizes sustainability, which has translated into increased repeat purchases. Although the initial costs of switching to eco-friendly materials were higher, we have seen long-term savings due to reduced waste and improved operational efficiency.

    Viraj Lele
    Viraj LeleIndustrial Engineer, DHL Supply Chain

    Eco-Packaging Boosts Consumer Satisfaction

    As Canada's biggest e-commerce shipper, we constantly search for greener ways. Our eco-packaging concept is one effort that I am especially thrilled about.

    We began selling recycled and biodegradable packaging solutions a year ago. The response has been great! The majority of Canadian consumers prefer sustainable practices when selecting a shipping service. These options allow our clients to make environmentally informed decisions without sacrificing protection.

    It's more than just a feel-good initiative. Since the program's inception, we've noticed a significant boost in consumer satisfaction. Canadians care about the environment.

    Jen Seran
    Jen SeranDirector of Operations, Stallion Express

    Adopted Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at Muffetta Housekeeping is the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Recognizing the significant environmental impact of traditional cleaning chemicals, we transitioned to biodegradable, non-toxic products that are both safe for the environment and for our clients. This shift aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ensures a healthier living and working space for our customers. The adoption of green cleaning solutions has been a cornerstone of our eco-conscious approach, and it exemplifies our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint.

    The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of our clients have expressed their appreciation for our commitment to sustainability, noting that it reflects their own values and environmental concerns. We've found that more and more people are seeking out service providers who prioritize eco-friendly practices, and our use of green cleaning products has become a significant selling point. This practice has helped us attract environmentally conscious customers while fostering greater loyalty among our existing clientele.

    Furthermore, we've noticed an increase in referrals and positive word-of-mouth, as our customers feel good about recommending a company that is making responsible choices. The shift to sustainable products has also opened up opportunities for us to educate our clients on the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning, further strengthening our relationships with them. By demonstrating that we care about the long-term health of both our clients and the planet, we've built a stronger, more trusted brand.

    Overall, the implementation of sustainable cleaning practices at Muffetta Housekeeping has been a win-win situation. It has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market, meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible services, and contribute positively to the well-being of our community and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability continues to be a driving force in our business strategy and a key component of our success.

    Muffetta Krueger
    Muffetta KruegerEntrepreneur and CEO, Muffetta's Housekeeping, House Cleaning and Household Staffing Agency

    Integrated Greywater Systems

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at Hutter Architects is the integration of greywater systems in our residential and commercial projects. This system allows us to recycle water from sources like showers, sinks, and laundry for use in irrigation and flushing toilets. For example, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission building we've been involved with uses an on-site treatment system that recycles greywater, reducing potable water consumption by an impressive 60%.

    Our clients have responded very positively to these implementations. Seeing tangible reductions in their water bills and contributing to environmental conservation has resonated well, particularly among clients keen on sustainability. A specific case study involves a multi-family residential project where incorporating greywater systems led to a 50% reduction in water usage overall, garnering high occupant satisfaction and interest from potential residents.

    The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as these sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but also enhance property appeal and market value.

    Pam Hutter
    Pam HutterPrincipal, Hutter Architects

    Used Energy-Efficient Laser Machines

    One sustainable practice we've embraced at Infinity Laser Spa is the use of energy-efficient laser machines. These machines not only reduce our carbon footprint but also operate with lower power consumption compared to traditional models. They maintain a high standard of precision and effectiveness, ensuring the same top-notch results for our clients.

    Our customers have been quite impressed. Many appreciate that their treatments are both cutting-edge and environmentally conscious. It's a win-win; clients get excellent service while feeling good about supporting a green initiative. This approach has strengthened our community bond and showcased our commitment to sustainability.

    Sam Rock
    Sam RockOperations Manager, Infinity Laser Spa

    Implemented Fleet-Tracking Tools

    In terms of sheer impact, the most important sustainable practice we've implemented is one that our customers don't really interact with: fleet-tracking tools. By using fleet tracking and route planning, we can optimize our driving routes to minimize idling, maximize fuel efficiency, and even anticipate needed maintenance, making sure our trucks burn as little fuel as possible.

    One customer-facing program we've implemented with good success is moving-box reuse. We'll happily take any moving boxes that customers aren't going to use and pass them on to future customers, reducing costs for us and customers, and keeping moving materials out of landfills for as long as possible. We also make sure that all our boxes that are too damaged to be of use are recycled properly.

    Nick Valentino
    Nick ValentinoVP of Market Operations, Bellhop

    Adopted Energy-Efficient Construction Techniques

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at Norman Builders is our focus on using energy-efficient materials and construction techniques in our projects. For instance, we often recommend the use of high-grade insulation and energy-efficient windows, which significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling.

    In one of our extensive home renovation projects, we installed triple-pane windows and enhanced insulation, resulting in a 30% reduction in the homeowners' energy bills. Clients have consistently appreciated these recommendations as they save on costs and contribute to a greener environment.

    Additionally, we've incorporated the use of recycled and locally sourced materials whenever possible. During a kitchen remodel, instead of going for all-new cabinetry, we refurbished existing ones and sourced reclaimed wood for additional needs. This approach reduces waste while adding unique character to the spaces we create, often exceeding our clients' aesthetic expectations. One memorable project included using reclaimed lumber from an old barn, which added a rustic charm highly praised by the homeowners.

    Our commitment to sustainability extends to our operational practices as well. For example, we manage job sites to minimize waste by implementing thorough recycling programs for construction debris. We recently completed a custom home where over 75% of the construction waste was recycled, significantly reducing landfill contributions. Clients feel good knowing that their project is contributing less to environmental degradation, and this initiative has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, further strengthening our relationships and reputation.

    Ryan Norman
    Ryan NormanFounder, Norman Builders

    Switched to Paperless Operations

    As the founder and finance and insurance expert at Leverage, I've always believed in doing our part for the environment. One unique sustainable practice we've adopted is going paperless. This means all our documents, from policy applications to customer communications, are now digital.

    Making this switch wasn't easy, especially in an industry that relies heavily on paper. We invested in secure digital signature solutions and cloud storage to keep everything safe and accessible. The best part? Our customers love it. They appreciate the convenience of handling everything online. Instead of waiting days for mailed documents, they can now receive and sign their insurance policies within minutes.

    This change has been a hit, especially with our environmentally conscious clients. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers who are happy to work with a company that values sustainability. It's been a great way to reduce our environmental impact and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

    Rhett Stubbendeck
    Rhett StubbendeckCEO & Co-Founder, Leverage Planning

    Implemented Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at Five Guys Roofing is the integration of energy-efficient roofing materials. We specifically prioritize the use of materials such as cool roofing systems that reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat compared to standard roofing. For example, in a recent school project, we installed a cool roofing solution that led to a 20% reduction in the building's overall energy costs. This decreases the carbon footprint and provides long-term cost savings for our customers, which has been positively received.

    Another practice centers around proactive maintenance and the use of durable, long-lasting roofing materials. By conducting regular inspections and using high-quality materials like recycled shingles and metal roofing, we reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements. For instance, during a large residential project, we opted for recycled aluminum shingles. This sustainable choice impressed the homeowners as it not only provided durability but also supported environmental conservation efforts.

    Our approach has strengthened our customer relationships and highlighted our commitment to eco-friendly roofing practices, earning us positive feedback and repeat business.

    Jonathan Stowell
    Jonathan StowellCEO, Five Guys Roofing

    Glow Stones Harness Solar Energy

    One sustainable practice I've implemented at Glow Path Pavers is the use of glow stones that harness solar energy. Our patented stones are infused with a luminescent aggregate that absorbs UV light during the day and radiates it for many hours after dark. This eliminates the need for artificial lighting, significantly reducing energy consumption. Customers have responded positively, appreciating both the environmental benefits and the unique aesthetic appeal. For instance, a client who installed our glow stones in their garden reported a noticeable drop in their electricity bill.

    We've also integrated recycled materials into our products. For example, our Azure Glowstone Glow Path Pavers™ combine recycled shells and loose aggregates with our glow stones. This makes the pavers eco-friendly and adds a visually striking element to both commercial and residential spaces. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. One project in Florida utilized these pavers, and the client highlighted the beautiful, sustainable transformation of their space, receiving numerous compliments from neighbors and visitors alike.

    Additionally, we offer glow-in-the-dark paint for stones, providing another eco-friendly lighting solution. This paint harnesses natural light during the day and emits a soft glow at night. It's designed to reduce the need for conventional outdoor lighting, thus saving energy. Customers often share how this sustainable option has enhanced the safety and ambiance of their pathways and gardens. A specific case study involved a client who applied our glow paint to stepping stones in their backyard, resulting in a magical, illuminated pathway that aligns perfectly with their commitment to sustainability.

    Alex Ketty
    Alex KettyPresident, Glow Path Pavers

    Green Web Hosting

    One innovative approach we've implemented is the use of green web hosting for all our client websites. This hosting service utilizes renewable energy sources to power data centers, thereby reducing the environmental impact associated with the digital side of our business. We try to ensure that the servers we use for hosting client websites are powered by 100% renewable energy.

    The response from our customers has been extremely positive, as they are pleased to contribute to environmental sustainability indirectly. Many clients have expressed their pride in being associated with a forward-thinking agency that not only delivers results but also cares about its ecological impact. This has also attracted new clients who are looking for environmentally responsible partners.

    Jason Hennessey
    Jason HennesseyCEO, Hennessey Digital

    Transitioned to Digital-First Operations

    At Cupid Digital PR, one sustainable practice we've implemented is the transition to digital-first operations, significantly reducing our reliance on paper and physical resources. This includes using digital contracts, virtual meetings, and cloud-based project management tools to minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, we've adopted eco-friendly policies in our office, such as using energy-efficient appliances and encouraging recycling and waste reduction.

    This initiative has been very well received by our customers. Clients appreciate our commitment to sustainability and have expressed positive feedback about our environmentally conscious approach. Many of our clients share similar values and are pleased to be associated with a company that prioritizes sustainability.

    It has also become a talking point in our marketing and PR campaigns, helping to attract like-minded clients who value eco-friendly practices. This shift aligns with our corporate social responsibility goals and strengthens our brand image as a forward-thinking and responsible business, resonating with a growing demographic of environmentally conscious consumers.

    Mark McShane
    Mark McShaneFounder, Cupid Digital PR

    Solar-Powered Sustainable Garage Doors

    We're always looking for ways to be more sustainable in our business, and one thing that's been a real hit with customers is our focus on eco-friendly garage renovations.

    It all started with the idea of making garages more than just a place to park your car. We wanted them to be functional, eco-friendly, and even kind of cool. So we started offering high-tech, sustainable garage doors with built-in solar panels. This not only saves energy but also reduces our reliance on the grid. Plus, we integrated smart-home features that allow homeowners to control the lighting, temperature, and security all from their phones.

    The result? Garages that are not only sustainable but also way more usable and secure. It's been a win-win for everyone. Customers love the convenience and the eco-friendly features, and it's helped us position ourselves as a leader in sustainable home renovations.

    Craig Focht
    Craig FochtCofounder & CEO, All Pro Door Repair

    Reimagined Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

    We've made a concerted effort to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our product packaging. Historically, the kitchen and home cabinetry industry has relied heavily on non-recyclable, petroleum-based materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam and heavy-duty plastic wraps to protect our products during shipping and delivery.

    However, we recognized that this approach was simply no longer sustainable from an environmental standpoint and in terms of meeting the evolving expectations of our customer base, who are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint and demand more eco-friendly solutions. So, we set out to completely reimagine our packaging strategy, to transition to materials that were not only recyclable and compostable but also leveraged renewable, responsibly-sourced resources.

    After extensive research and testing, we now use a combination of recycled cardboard, molded pulp, and biodegradable plant-based films to protect and transport our cabinets, vanities, and other home furnishings. These materials are highly effective at safeguarding our products and can be easily recycled or composted by our customers once their order is delivered.

    But the benefits of this initiative extend far beyond just customer goodwill. By transitioning to these eco-friendly packaging solutions, we've significantly reduced our overall waste footprint and carbon emissions associated with our logistics and fulfillment operations. Our internal studies have shown that our new packaging approach has reduced our per-unit carbon impact by over 30% compared to our previous methods.

    Josh Qian
    Josh QianCOO and Co-Founder, Best Online Cabinets

    Introduced Non-GMO Hemp Oil

    We've recently begun selling hemp oil. It's vital for us that it's a non-GMO product because GMO products aren't sustainable. We made sure to partner with sustainable farmers who only grow organic materials. Our impact on the environment needs to be as small as possible, or we wouldn't be following our company's mandate. We follow the correct sustainability practices for all our products, and it's what our customers expect.

    Anders Blomqvist
    Anders BlomqvistCo-Founder, Cannabiva

    Charity Donation With Every Order

    At Sous Chef, a year ago, we introduced the ability for customers to choose a charity to give to with every parcel they receive. We use a charity provider who filters charities for ethics and sustainability, each delivering projects that have an impact toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. When a customer receives their order shipment email, they also receive a giving link where they can choose which charity to give to. If someone doesn't give, then we select the charity on their behalf.

    Although only a small number of customers click through, they are the ones who are the loudest advocates of the company. Plus, it makes our internal team feel good. We should shout about the initiative much more!

    Nicola Lando
    Nicola LandoCEO & Co-Founder, Sous Chef

    Green Hosting for Web Platform

    At RankWatch, we've implemented a green-hosting initiative for our sustainability efforts. By partnering with eco-friendly web-hosting providers, we ensure our platform operates on servers powered by renewable energy sources such as wind or solar. Our customers have warmly received this sustainable practice and appreciate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to environmental conservation. Not only does this initiative align with our company values, but it also resonates with our environmentally conscious customers, further strengthening their loyalty to our brand.

    Sahil Kakkar
    Sahil KakkarCEO & Founder, RankWatch

    Comprehensive Waste-Reduction Program

    Sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a commitment that aligns with our core values. We've implemented a comprehensive waste-reduction program that includes composting organic waste and recycling materials. We partnered with local farms to send our food scraps for composting, which in turn supports local agriculture.

    Moreover, we've transitioned from single-use plastics to biodegradable packaging and utensils. The response from our customers has been truly heartwarming. Many of our patrons appreciate the transparency and effort we put into minimizing our environmental footprint.

    Alex Cornici
    Alex CorniciDirector of Marketing, Awesome Hibachi

    Power Over Ethernet Technology

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at PanTerra Networks is the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to power our customers' communication devices, particularly the VoIP phones. By upgrading switches to support PoE, we've been able to eliminate the need for separate power adapters for each phone. This reduces electronic waste and simplifies the setup and management of the equipment.

    The reduction in clutter and energy consumption aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. Additionally, PoE technology offers enhanced flexibility in device placement and scalability, further contributing to a streamlined and sustainable infrastructure.

    Our customers have responded very positively to this initiative. Many of them are increasingly conscious of their own environmental impact and appreciate our efforts to support sustainable practices. They've noted the practical benefits, such as reduced energy costs and a more organized workspace, which complement their own sustainability goals.

    This initiative has not only reinforced our reputation as a forward-thinking and eco-friendly company but also strengthened our relationships with clients who value corporate social responsibility. Overall, the adoption of PoE has proven to be a win-win, enhancing both our operational efficiency and our commitment to the environment.

    Shawn Boehme
    Shawn BoehmeDirector of Sales, PanTerra Networks

    Organic and Locally-Sourced Fertilizer

    At Reefertilizer, we prioritize sustainability by using organic and locally-sourced materials. This approach reduces our carbon footprint and supports local agriculture, ensuring high quality for our customers. Our community values our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and has responded positively. The enhanced growth and health of plants cultivated with our fertilizer are clear benefits. Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with many sharing their success stories. Their satisfaction reinforces that our sustainable approach aligns with their values. This encourages us to continue innovating with eco-conscious practices.

    Mike Drouin
    Mike DrouinCo-founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening & Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer

    Teletherapy Reduces Carbon Footprint

    Our adoption of teletherapy has successfully reduced our carbon footprint. This approach removes the need for physical commutes, cutting down emissions and providing clients with greater scheduling flexibility. This service has been especially beneficial for clients with busy routines or mobility issues, leading to higher session attendance rates. Thus, we've seen enhanced continuity of care and better therapeutic results.

    Our clients value the convenience, which has positively impacted their engagement with therapy. I'm particularly proud of this eco-friendly initiative as it reflects our dedication to sustainable, empathetic, and client-focused care. The positive feedback we receive continually affirms the significance of employing sustainable methods in mental health services.

    Kristie Tse
    Kristie TseFounder & Therapist, Uncover Mental Health Counseling

    Re-Sterilizable Surgical Instruments

    One sustainable practice we've implemented at Fulcrum is using only re-sterilizable surgical instruments, which significantly reduces medical waste. We've also adopted the use of ozone for sterilizing our operating room instead of relying on chemical disinfectants. This method is eco-friendly and highly effective. Lastly, we've replaced traditional lighting with energy-efficient LED lights throughout our facility.

    Our patients have responded positively, often expressing their appreciation for our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. These changes not only align with our values of balance and elegance but also resonate with our environmentally conscious clientele. The feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many patients stating that they feel even better about choosing our services knowing we prioritize sustainability.

    David Hill, MD
    David Hill, MDPlastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery