14 Small Business Ideas for 2023

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    14 Small Business Ideas for 2022

    What is one good small business to start in 2022?

    Working for yourself, whether for financial freedom, innovation, or any other cause, is getting more and more popular. 2022 has seen more resignations from people looking to turn their passions into a stream of income. Looking to quit your boring job or for a new entrepreneurial venture to start this year? We spoke to experts in the field to get their view on the best ideas to work on in 2022.

    Here are 14 of the top small business ideas to get started on this year:

    • Beauty Bar
    • Mobile Pet Grooming Service
    • An Affiliate Marketing Website
    • Pet Daycare
    • Equipment and Material Sourcing Services
    • Drop Servicing
    • Blogging
    • Consultancy
    • Recycling Service
    • Houseplant E-comm Site
    • Website Themes
    • Podcasting
    • Nutrition Services
    • A Content Creation Company

    14 Small Business Ideas

    Beauty Bar

    A beauty bar is a fantastic business idea for 2022. There is no shortage of clientele looking to enhance their appearance. With management experience, you can start a successful beauty bar that will have clients lining up out the door. One benefit is beauty bar startup costs can be lower than other businesses. You can choose to run a beauty bar with staff on payroll, or rent out space to beauty professionals to cut down on overhead while taking a share of the profits.

    Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

    Mobile Pet Grooming Service

    Opening a mobile pet grooming service is a business idea you should seriously consider. Rather than a brick-and-mortar business that requires customers to come to you, you're able to go wherever they are. Get trained and certified as a pet groomer, and base yourself out of a well-equipped vehicle. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and safety you offer and you will appreciate the lower costs of running a business. It’s a win-win.

    Allan Switalski, LendThrive

    An Affiliate Marketing Website

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models because of the flexibility it offers, without having a high-risk ratio. You can find a profitable niche, create valuable content either yourself or by hiring a team of writers and sign up for a number of affiliate programs. The most challenging part of this business model is building a large audience of people, but as long as you keep dishing out great content, you can slowly kick back and monetize your website through every purchase your audience makes.

    Harry Morton, Lower Street

    Pet Daycare

    There are many great small businesses to start in 2022, but one that could be incredibly successful is a pet daycare. Pet daycare is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people work long hours and don't have time to take their pets for a walk.

    To start a pet daycare, you'll need to invest in basic equipment, such as kennels, food bowls, water dishes, toys, and bedding. You'll also need to be licensed by your state and registered with the Department of Agriculture. You'll also need insurance to protect yourself against any liability issues that may arise.

    Once you're set up, you can start promoting your business by creating a website and posting flyers.

    Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAid

    Equipment and Material Sourcing Services

    Supply chain shortages over the past year have affected practically the entire planet, sparing few industries. Project and construction delays have been an inevitable consequence of this. This is why, rather than being a victim, you may want to see if you can help mitigate the effects. With the right connections, you could help ensure that the right materials reach the right people on time and make a healthy profit doing so.

    Todd Sriro, Be.On Stone

    Drop Servicing

    Drop servicing is a business venture quite similar to dropshipping. However, the critical difference is that instead of physical products, you deal in services. Basically, you sell something (e.g., a logo design) created by a freelancer who you pay less than what you earn from the client. It is an entirely legal business model that is gaining popularity these days.

    Drop servicing is a great small business idea for 2022 for several reasons. First, it doesn't require significant initial investments. Second, the freelancers willing to take on a job you offer are really abundant right now. Third, it's pretty easy to find clients and convince them to buy from you: you do not need to possess any highly specific knowledge except for basic marketing and sales.

    Tytus Golas, Tidio


    Writing about anything you are passionate about is a business you might want to try in 2022. If you enjoy scribbling words and constructing creative or technical content for online readers, blogging can give you the income you need. Many writers have been earning revenues by simply sharing their ideas about finance, travels, designs, and a lot more. You don't need to shell out a large amount of capital to start. Your convincing writing skills and a laptop will help you monetize your website in multiple ways you cannot imagine.

    Jake Smith, Absolute Reg


    One good small business to start in 2022 is a consulting business. This is because there is a growing demand for consultants, especially as the world becomes more and more complex.

    The advantages of starting a consulting business are that you can start it from home, you don't need a lot of money to get started, and typically there is no additional training or certification required. The key to success as a consultant is to build up a good reputation and develop long-term relationships with your clients.

    Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero

    Recycling Service

    Major corporations are in agreement: Needless waste is out and sustainability is in. There's always room for growth in recycling services, so why not start providing your own? We recognized the way trends were going, and that's how we've achieved the success we have. By acting as a sustainability partner, you are able to work toward common goals while helping the environment. Trust us, people will be interested in doing business with you.

    Danny Torres, Generated Materials Recovery

    Houseplant E-comm Site

    For whatever reason, houseplants are red hot in 2022. Whether it’s people discovering their air detoxifying properties for the first time, or the fact that people are spending more time at home post-pandemic and houseplants add a layer of beauty to the house, there is no doubt that plants are in. Yet, one generally untapped market is online sales of houseplants. Sure, you could go down to your local nursery or Home Depot and buy a plant, but that takes effort and independent research. Like many other industries, in-person houseplant buying is ripe for disruption. If you have the funds and skills, I’d suggest trying to launch a houseplant e-comm site where you curate and ship popular houseplants directly to people’s doors. With some solid marketing and SEO work, this could be a smash success in 2022.

    John Ross, Test Prep Insight

    Website Themes

    Building and selling themes for websites is an excellent small business startup idea if you are skilled in coding and design. The year 2022 is a digital one, and everyone is on the verge of transforming their brick and mortar businesses to digital ones. This necessitates the development of quality websites. It would be best to focus on Wordpress, HTML and CSS. Choose your specific niche or variety of niches, and let your imagination run wild with concepts. It will be a highly lucrative business structure for years. With enough patience and consistency, it won’t be difficult to make this small company concept into a great theme building firm.

    Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo


    If you have a natural skill for creating diverse audio content, you can invest in podcasting and use it to establish a small business in 2022. Only a few people excel in this craft, which means there will be less competition and more chances of success. Moreover, you don't need to have a huge capital for your podcast. All you need to have is a conducive space and a smartphone to hit the ground running. Once your business prospers, you can already buy gear and other materials necessary to support your growth as an audio content creator.

    Mike Falahee, Marygrove Awnings Co.

    Nutrition Services

    Providing nutrition services in 2022 is not only profitable but also is more reliable. With people from all over the world shifting more towards a healthy lifestyle, nutrition has taken a major shift. After COVID, people have started taking health more seriously. They are driving into options that can make their immunity more strong. This doesn't make it only profitable as it's in high demand but also is reliable as it is here to stay.

    Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.

    A Content Creation Company

    With every enterprise struggling for content that’s evenly priced and holds the potential to create significant impact, 2022 proves to be the right time to dive into the content creation business. With content driving just about every industry and the phenomenal growth of social media spearheading an enhanced need for dynamic content, the timing is perfect for venturing into content creation. Also, a stimulating startup environment and refreshing entrepreneurial pursuits have magnified the demand for content.

    Eva Taylor, WP Buffs