Is Wix good for blogging? 11 Answers

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    is wix good for blogging

    Is Wix good for blogging?

    Do bloggers use Wix? Can you make money with a blog on Wix? Is Wix or WordPress better for blogging? Here are eleven answers on whether Wix is good for blogging:

    • My First Experience Didn’t Go Too Well
    • Wix is Fantastic for Less-Tech Savvy Bloggers
    • Wix is Great for Making Simple Websites But Not Ideal for Blogging
    • Wix Makes Blogging Easy But Has High Membership Cost
    • Wix is Extremely User-Friendly But its Templates Are Quite Limiting
    • Wix Has Something for Everyone
    • Wix is a Great All-Rounded Blogging Platform
    • There Are Several Reasons Wix Isn't Good for Blogging
    • Wix Isn’t the Best for Purely Content Creation and Sharing
    • With Wix Your Website Cannot Be Transferred Elsewhere
    • Wix is Unbeatable for Freelancers and Non Techies

    My First Experience Didn’t Go Too Well

    My first experience with Wix wasn’t too well. I had a lot of trouble with the interface and found it very confusing to use. My blog looked very amateurish and I didn’t get much traffic. However, I’ve heard that Wix has improved a lot since then, and it’s now a lot easier to use. It’s also possible to get a custom domain name, which is something I wasn’t able to do with my first blog. Overall, I think Wix is a decent option for blogging, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better than it used to be.

    Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager,

    Wix is Fantastic for Less-Tech Savvy Bloggers

    Wix is a fantastic option for those bloggers who feel less than tech savvy. Although WordPress does offer more options, even with the free version, it can be tricker to navigate. Wix’s learning curve is shorter. To get your site up and running you simply pick a theme! From there it's all dropping and dragging and inputting text. Wix is the most user-friendly blogging platform on the market!

    Jeff Goodwin, Senior Director, Performance, Orgain

    Wix is Great for Making Simple Websites But Not Ideal for Blogging

    Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create custom websites without any coding knowledge. While Wix is a great platform for creating simple websites, it is not ideal for blogging. This is because Wix does not offer any built-in blogging features, such as commenting or RSS feeds. Additionally, Wix's free plan does not include a custom domain name, which can make it difficult to build a professional-looking blog. For these reasons, is a better option for those looking to start a blog. offers a variety of features specifically designed for bloggers, and its plans include a custom domain name and email address.

    Jim Campbell, Founder, Epic Caribbean Vacations

    Wix Makes Blogging Easy But Has High Membership Cost

    Wix is a good platform for blogging because it is easy to use and has a wide range of features. It is also free to use for people who want to start a blog. Business owners can easily create a professional looking website. It also has good support for search engine optimization. It can easily help your blog reach a wider audience. However, one downside of Wix is that its membership can be more expensive than other platforms.

    Samantha Odo, Real Estate Expert & Chief Operating Officer, Precondo

    Wix is Extremely User-Friendly But its Templates Are Quite Limiting

    There are some general pros and cons of using Wix for blogging. On the plus side, Wix is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Even people with no technical skills can create a beautiful blog on Wix. Additionally, Wix offers a wide range of features and tools that can be useful for bloggers, such as built-in social media integration and SEO optimization.

    On the downside, some people find Wix to be too restrictive. For example, you can only use the Wix editor to create and edit your blog posts, which means that if you want to use a different editor (such as WordPress) you won't be able to do so. Additionally, Wix's templates can be somewhat limiting, and it can be difficult to change the look and feel of your blog once you've chosen a template.

    Admir Salcinovic, Co-Founder, Pricelisto

    Wix Has Something for Everyone

    It depends on what you want in a platform to relay your message to a broader audience. It's not hard to find a great blogging website, but Wix has something for everyone. The best place to start is their WordPress plugin. An excellent integrated platform allows you to build a stellar blog and add any feature you choose. It will push you to know your niche and write about your brand in the best way possible.

    Anamika Goyal, Head of Architecture & Design, Cottage

    Wix is a Great All-Rounded Blogging Platform

    Wix is a great all-rounded blogging platform that meets the majority of purposes, so I highly recommend it. The blogging platform from Wix is simple to use and gives a selection of eye-catching design options and themes to choose from. It has tools for monetizing your material and analyzing the success of your blog, both of which will be helpful as you expand your readership. If you have a limited amount of time to start and manage your blog, you should pick Wix as it can help you create a beautiful site. A free, basic website builder is available from Wix. However, it has two major drawbacks. On top and bottom of your website, Wix-branded advertising is added first. Also, since you are not permitted to use a custom domain name for your website, its URL will be The basic account doesn't include features like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. You must upgrade to one of their premium plans to get rid of adverts and access more features in their app store

    Raviraj Hegde, Head of Growth, Donorbox

    There Are Several Reasons Wix Isn't Good for Blogging

    If Wix is the only option you have, it's fine, but there are a hundred reasons to choose WordPress over Wix if at all possible.

    WordPress is free, open source and the blogging content management system of choice for most third-party applications. Plus, it's got endless possibilities for expanding its capabilities through plugins. Wix is a proprietary content management system, owned by Wix itself, which means you're handing over control to a third party. If they remove functionality for a service, you're out of luck. Also, Wix's page builder is a nightmare, especially compared to the Brizy or Elementor page builders on Wordpress. Finally, Wix simply wasn't built to be SEO-friendly, while Wordpress is far more optimized for SEO purposes.

    Grant Radermacher, Doctor of Chiropractic, Ascent Chiropractic

    Wix Isn’t the Best for Purely Content Creation and Sharing

    Wix is not a good blogging platform. It's built for businesses and websites that need more than just blog posts, so it doesn't provide the tools you'd need to write long-form content or create a blog-specific website. If you're looking to build a site that is purely focused on content creation and sharing, then Wix isn't right for you. It's better suited for businesses who want to have a full website in addition to their blog content.

    Amer Hasovic, Content Writer, Love & Lavender

    With Wix Your Website Cannot Be Transferred Elsewhere

    I am not a big fan of Wix for blogging for one solid reason. Since Wix is a closed content management system, once you create a blog on, you must maintain it there and cannot easily transfer it to a different CMS or hosting provider. This will tie you into Wix, and you will have to continue with them. You will have to put up with anything they provide you even if their service deteriorates further or if they choose to raise their prices. You can migrate your Wix blog to WordPress, but doing so is more difficult and expensive than migrating a Blog site from any hosting provider to another. Thus, I would suggest not to consider using Wix from the very beginning.

    Deepa Tailor, Owner and Founder of Tailor Law, Tailor Law

    Wix is Unbeatable for Freelancers and Non Techies

    All things considered, if you're not a huge nerd, a coder, or you don't have a team of web devs behind you, Wix is definitely the go to platform for your website and blogging needs. Wix in my experience has come a long way over the last 5 years in terms of functionality. These days, you can quickly sign up and easily create a great looking site and blog in a single day. For some huge companies with 8 different subdomains and custom built integrations needed for their publishing process or content strategy, there might be better platforms to host their resource center. That being said, when I think about whether wix is good for blogging or not, I say it is.

    Ken Marshall, Founder & Freelancer Advocate, Best Freelancer Tools

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