8 Benefits Of Buying From Local Businesses: Why Support Local

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    What is one benefit of supporting local businesses?

    To help you better understand the benefits of supporting local businesses, we asked small business owners and business leaders this question for their best reasoning as to why you should support local businesses. From improving the local economy to community growth, there are several benefits to supporting local businesses.

    Here are eight benefits of supporting local businesses:

    • Discover Hidden Gems
    • Improve The Local Economy
    • It Builds Your Network
    • Promote Local Talent
    • Getting To Know Your Neighbors
    • Community Growth
    • It Keeps Doors Open And Residents Employed
    • Small Businesses Are The Foundation

    Discover Hidden Gems

    By shifting your attention to local small businesses, you open the door to so many new things. So many of us don’t even realize the talent, opportunity and possibility that sits in our own towns. Whether through promotion and discovery or purchase and enjoyment, we can find so many amazing small businesses when we set out to find them. There’s nothing more applaudable than supporting someone's dreams/journey, so become someone who looks for those opportunities. Find those hidden gems in your hometown for great local goods and services.

    Alexis Orth, Markitors

    Improve The Local Economy

    When a consumer buys locally, significantly more of that money stays in the community. Local business owners often have an incentive to support other local businesses, sponsoring local establishments for both business and personal reasons. Business chains, on the other hand, tend to source their supplies from companies, as well as having store managers and employees who are not as personally interested in buying local products.

    Oliver Andrews
    Oliver AndrewsDigital Marketing, OA Design Services

    It Builds Your Network

    As a real estate company, our business is local by nature. From web design and marketing agencies, we aim to buy locally. Supporting local businesses is key to our success as it builds our network. People will value the business you are bringing as well as the personal connection. When the day to buy or sell their property arrives, we will be the first choice as the trust level is already established.

    Edward Briggs
    Edward BriggsEditor, Home Reviews

    Promote Local Talent

    By supporting local businesses, we help promote local talent and contribute to the growth of our communities. There are many ways in which we can support local businesses. For starters, we can buy from them instead of opting for "better known" brands or shops. Though their prices might sometimes be slightly higher than the generic brands, they usually use quality products made with local ingredients and produced locally. Nowadays, a review on a company’s digital channels goes a long way. Leave your local businesses a positive review on their social media platforms, websites and platforms like Yelp. This is a great way to help them get recognition and promote and grow their brand, ultimately helping them reach new clients.

    Jessica Ulloa
    Jessica UlloaCommunity Manager, MyPerfectResume

    Getting To Know Your Neighbors

    Local business owners, especially during challenging times, are more likely to assist you with referrals, materials access, talent recruitment and many other benefits not normally considered. The networking aspects alone from supporting local firms cannot be underestimated. While many look at the numbers alone, the benefits of being involved with local owners can lead to huge results in a fairly short time.

    Jeff Welch
    Jeff WelchFounder, Grab The Axe

    Community Growth

    One of the most rewarding benefits of supporting local businesses is knowing that your money will support the ultimate growth of the community as a whole. Unlike supporting a national chain, the money you spend at a local business will be used again in your community. The profit of local businesses will be used to support restaurants, schools and even local soccer teams in their own community. This will ultimately stimulate the economy of the city and support its expansion.

    Caroline Weishaar
    Caroline WeishaarPublic Relations Specialist, TechnologyAdvice

    It Keeps Doors Open And Residents Employed

    What isn’t a benefit! Now, more than ever, it makes sense to support local businesses, and in my opinion, the primary benefit is jobs. As much as I would sometimes like to Amazon every single thing I need, I know the value of supporting local businesses who, in turn, sustain our local economy. Shopping local keeps doors open and residents employed. Plus, who doesn't love all things Arizona! Put a cactus on it, and I’m sold.

    Lisha Dunlap
    Lisha DunlapPR Marketing Manager, Chandler Gilbert Community College

    Small Businesses Are The Foundation

    The very fabric of our American system is the local business. I would even say that the "backbone" of our country is the local business person. The local business person will be there to sponsor the local little league team, sponsor the local Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop. The local business person, whether it be our restaurants, hardware stores, gas stations, landscapers, pool cleaning guys, dry cleaners, artists, are the people who are our neighbors, brothers and sisters. These small businesses are our future.

    Bobby Zavala
    Bobby ZavalaSheriff Deputy, Cochise County Sheriff's Office